Urge PespiCo to Invest in Interceptors

Urge Pespi to Invest in Interceptors

We are challenging PepsiCo Inc. to commit $15M to help install 20 or more The Ocean Cleanup Interceptors into 20 of the worst 1,000 PLASTIC polluted rivers in the world. Coca-Cola Company already contributed $12M for 15 Interceptors last year, and now we hope the second largest plastic-producing food and beverage company in the will join in too! PepsiCo now has the chance to beat their main competitor in the global cleanup effort!

plastic interceptor

Send an email & pic to PepsiCo Executives to encourage them to invest in cleaning up their legacy plastic waste!


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About Hidden Plastic

Zara and Ashton are siblings, who have been passionate about the ocean and marine life from an early age. They created Hidden Plastic to raise awareness about ‘hidden plastic’ that not only hides everywhere in our environment, but breaks down into smaller & smaller pieces known as microplastics.

About Planeteer Alliance

Planeteer Alliance is a program of the Captain Planet Foundation, and a global community of passionate young people transforming their impatience for change into action for the climate and planet. Free to youth 10-23. Learn more and apply to join!