Planeteers protesting for change

The Power is Yours

The Planeteer Alliance is a global network of young people who are putting their passion and impatience for change into ACTION for the planet. Are you a young person between 10-23 ready to get to work?

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What to Expect


Virtual & in-person training. Learn from your peers and from subject matter experts around the globe.


Groups, forums, events, and networking opportunities with fellow Planeteers from around the world.

Creating Change

Planeteers should expect that they will impact policy, business practices, and peer behavior to create an equitable & sustainable future for all.

Michelle & Jeremy

Michelle (16) & Jeremy (14) M., Kenya

“After working with CPF, I now believe that I can create change, and I think that’s the most powerful thing you can give to anyone. The belief that they have the power to create change.”

Maria Victoria

Maria Victória P., Brazil (12)

“I’m trying to be closer to the policy makers to understand the way to influence change”


Dejea L. (18), Cayman Islands

“People often say that children should be seen and not heard. If we succumb to this oppressive statement, then our country may end up making a grand mistake. The youths want change and we want it now.”


Finlay P., Scotland (14)

“Will 2022 be the year that our leaders finally look up and put planet before profit?”


Chanté D. (18), USA 

“As I continue the fight for climate justice, I hope to inspire the youth to take action, show the boomers who’s in charge, and amplify the voices of people of color.

The Planeteer Alliance Design Squad

The Planeteer Alliance has been designed by young activists from around the world to meet the needs of other young rising activists. Meet the Planeteers who served on the Design Squad to design and build the Planeteer Alliance.


Apurva (19, USA) is the Founder of Youth.ify, an organization with the goal of unifying the youth environmental movement by giving otherwise isolated young environmentalists a platform & resources to connect, collaborate and support one another. Her environmental work includes serving on the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council, on the Steering Committee for the US Youth Advisory Council to the UN Ocean Decade, as a 2019 Youth Delegate at Sea Youth Rise Up, and working with Big Blue & You to inspire and education youth about our ocean through arts, science & media.

Chelsea (18, Jamaica) co-founded Cleanup Our Act in Kingston Jamaica with the aim of promoting environmental sustainability in Jamaica. She is currently in the development stages of several Action Projects, including compost projects, tree planting projects, recycling projects and more.


Daniel (19, Nigeria) is a blogger and Commonwealth Correspondent, is driven by his commitment to reducing knowledge-gaps of the physical environment by raising his voice for people to rise and answer to the call of conservation. His dream is to become not just a professional in his field but also an influential person in the world who causes changes for a fairer future.


Diego (19, Mexico) is a passionate public speaker, educator, human rights and environmental activist from Mexico City. He’s the Founder and President of Green Speaking, an organization that uses a combination of science and impactful communication to educate children and youth on environmental topics, as well as effective communication skills, forming comprehensive and well-informed leaders, ready to change the world.


Dyson (19, USA) lives in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi and since 2019, has served as the Advocacy Director for the Hawaiʻi Youth Climate Coalition that is tackling the climate crisis. Dyson played an instrumental role in the passage of Bill 40, a comprehensive plastic ban in Honolulu and specializes in creating policy change.


Hannah (19, USA) is a sustainability advocate and international speaker from Atlanta, GA. She is the founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planet and has spoken to tens of thousands of people of all ages from all across the globe to educate them on how to reduce their plastic footprint and influence businesses and governments to take action.


Kaitlyn (18, Kaitlyn) lives in Jamaica and has a passion for environmental work, particularly trying to protect aquatic regions. Kaitlyn was instrumental in forming Clean Up Our Act Jamaica, which is organizing youth to give Jamaica’s environment a fighting chance by conducting beach clean ups at least twice each month and planting trees across the island.


Lakshika (17, India) can usually be seen running around with bundles of papers twice her size. Lakshika is an activist volunteering with multiple organizations and also directing her own projects. Her journey started off at Ocean Heroes Bootcamp 2019, where she found herself captivated by the cause and has not stopped since. In possession of an occasional work ethic, she advocates for the Earth. Spoken at various international platforms and councils, her ways with postulates verbalize her thoughts celestially.


Madison (20, USA) is a student at Vanderbilt University pursuing a major in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology on a pre-veterinary track. She is originally from St. Augustine Beach, Florida but spends her summers in south Florida engaging in field work and data collection as a Sea Turtle Night Technician. For her research and work in marine biology, Madison was included in Business Insider’s “Most Brilliant Scientific Discoveries that People Under 15 Have Made This Year” and was named the International Go Blue Awards “Blue Hatchling” winner.


Manar (19, Tunisia) has been passionate about the environment since she was young, setting her heart on becoming an advocate for change. She founded Ecowave, a youth network in Tunisia to inspire youth to take action for climate change and plastic pollution. Manar was named an Ambassador for 5 Gyres, a Younga Youth Delegate, and in 2021, was named a National Geographic Young Explorer.


Nat (19, Australia) is a film student, dive master, kayaker, climber, and cave diver based in Australia. Nat’s passion is sharks, focusing on education and policy surrounding shark conservation. They are working on a documentary film project to engage other people in this conservation work.


Oluwaseyi (20, Nigeria) is an environmentalist, global changemaker, and law student based in Nigeria. She is devoted to collaborating with others to implement sustainable, deep-rooted and innovative solutions to mitigate environmental pollution in Africa and beyond with a particular focus on recycling and plastic. Oluwaseyi is the Cofounder of U-recycle Initiative and a National Geographic Young Explorer.


Steph (18, Australia) is the founder of the organisation “Seas of Change,” created to raise funds and awareness for marine and environmental conservation efforts, including dugongs, sea turtles, climate change, and plastic pollution. One of the groups’ main focuses is empowering youth to take a stand for their environment and homes. In 2021, Steph was named Northern Beaches Council Young Citizen of the Year and the Nanga Mai award for Indigenous Student Leadership for her state.

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Planeteers protesting for change

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