July 2022

What role do healthy marine and freshwater ecosystems play in combatting global climate change? They play a HUGE role! The Blue Climate Action Summit Series took place in nine locations around the world in July 2022, with more than 600 Planeteers from 17 nations participating. Young people celebrated their local waterways, and collectively defined the coming year’s priorities for the segment of the Planeteer Alliance community focused on climate action related to water.

Coming 2023

in-person & global virtual

powerUP Fest is a celebration of the work of Planeteers to accelerate known climate solutions, highlighting the accomplishments of Planeteers all over the world in the climate space. Programming will focus on creating community, celebrating hard work, and building hope for a climate stable future. This is a Planeteers ONLY event, which means you need to sign-up. Trust us, you’re NOT going to want to miss this.

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