CAMEROON, Douala | Youth Finding Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Douala, Cameroon

Hosted by Greening Forward – Cameroon

Friday 28 July

Location: DK Hotel Bonaberi-Douala

Times: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Format: In-Person

Cost: FREE

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The WIND SUMMIT in Douala- dubbed: Youth Finding Solutions to Plastic Pollution.The Summit hosted by youth aims to finding solutions to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the city of Douala. The Summit will bring together environmental activists, scientists, policymakers, and members of the public to brainstorm and share ideas on ways to reduce plastic waste and promote a more sustainable future. The event aims to engage and empower young people in Douala to take action against plastic pollution. The focus will be on promoting upcycling, recycling, and reuse of plastic waste as alternatives to single-use plastics. We will aim to encourage a change in behavior among young people towards responsible plastic waste management, through interactive sessions, young people will learn about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and public health, as well as the benefits of sustainable waste management practices. The event will also include policy advocacy sessions, encouraging young people to engage with local authorities and advocate for policies that promote sustainable waste management practices. Participants will have a chance to showcase their ideas and solutions for addressing plastic pollution in Douala. By bringing together young people from different backgrounds, the Summit will foster a sense of community and collective action towards beating plastic pollution in Douala.

Summit Hosts

Greening Forward-Cameroon

Primary Host: Forbi Perise Eyong Nyosai

About this Summit Location

Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, is facing a growing problem of plastic pollution. The city generates a significant amount of plastic waste due to its large population and high levels of commercial activity. Unfortunately, inadequate waste management systems and a lack of awareness and education on proper waste disposal have contributed to the proliferation of plastic pollution in the city’s streets, waterways, and surrounding areas. The plastic waste not only poses a threat to the environment but also to public health and safety. Young people can play a valuable role in advocating for better waste management and policy to addressing this issue in Douala.

Captain Planet Foundation

About the FIRE Summit

The FIRE Element focuses on rapidly transitioning to renewable energy sources, clean transportation, and accelerating ways to draw down fossil fuel dependence. Targeting the source of these emissions — namely fossil fuels — and doing so equitably, is the goal of the FIRE element. This FIRE Summit is convening Planeteers in communities around the world to develop campaigns to accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels.

About Planeteer Alliance

Planeteer Alliance is a program of the Captain Planet Foundation, a US-based NGO with the mission of engaging and empowering young people to be problem solvers for the planet.