USA, Honolulu, HI | YES – Youth Empowerment Summit

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – USA

Hosted by the Hawaiʻi Youth Climate Coalition

Saturday 29 July

Location: Waikiki Aquarium
2777 Kalākaua Ave Honolulu, HI 96815

Times: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Format: In-Person

Cost: FREE

The YES (Youth Empowerment Summit) event will be a hyper-interactive training on civics, policy, and plastic pollution. Designed and led by high school and college students, this youth-centered event is a unique opportunity! Over the course of one day, you’ll get to build your skill set to take on plastic pollution through the lens of equitable policy change, youth civic empowerment, and climate resilience. Rather than sitting through speakers, the focus of YES will be to give you hands-on learning that is interactive, memorable, and–above all–fun! You’re sure to have a blast at our event, so say yes to YES!

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Photo credit: Alex Kahn

The Hawaiʻi Youth Climate Coalition

Hawai’i Youth Climate Coalition (HYCC) is a strictly youth-led, community advocacy organization dedicated to fighting for climate justice that has been at the forefront of change in Hawai‘i.

Primary Host: Dyson Chee

A recent graduate of University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Club Network Director for HYCC, and longtime Planeteer, Dyson Chee has a long and successful history of organizing, agitating, and advocating for positive change.

About this Summit Location

Hawaiʻi is uniquely situated when it comes to plastic pollution because we are an island furthest away from any major landmass. As such, plastic pollution shows up on our shores in the form of marine debris, and we don’t help matters much here by generating tons of plastic waste. We’re also a long way from any producers of plastic, so all of the plastic that we import (which is all of the plastic here) and the plastic that we recycle has to travel long distances using fossil fuels, which contributes to the climate crisis (and ties into the Fire element too!). However, while there are a lot of problems that are tough to solve here, we also have an opportunity to implement island-based solutions here, and that’s what this summit is for–to equip you with the tools you need to advocate for solutions through civics, policy, and youth empowerment.

Captain Planet Foundation

About the FIRE Summit

The FIRE Element focuses on rapidly transitioning to renewable energy sources, clean transportation, and accelerating ways to draw down fossil fuel dependence. Targeting the source of these emissions — namely fossil fuels — and doing so equitably, is the goal of the FIRE element. This FIRE Summit is convening Planeteers in communities around the world to develop campaigns to accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels.

About Planeteer Alliance

Planeteer Alliance is a program of the Captain Planet Foundation, a US-based NGO with the mission of engaging and empowering young people to be problem solvers for the planet.