Waving Waters Youth Summit


Discovery Bay Needs Our Help

30 July, 2022

Location: Environmental Foundation of Jamaica
Times: 10:30-5:00PM EST
Format: In-person
Cost: FREE

The aim of this summit is to prevent loss of biodiversity and fish depletion by reviewing the open and close season for fishing in Discovery Bay. We believe that the existing problem of climate change has resulted in an increase in sea temperatures which affects the actions of marine organisms. Thus, we aim to ensure that the current seasons accurately align with breeding seasons of organisms important to the marine ecosystem in the Discovery Bay area.

Summit Hosts

Waving Waters Summit hosts Kaitlyn (back left), Chelsea (back right), Sarah (front left) and Karen (front right) on the beach.

Kaitlyn, Chelsea, and Sarah are founders and leaders in Clean Up Our Act in Jamaica.

Kaitlyn grew up surrounded by environmental scientists and because of this she was able to understand firsthand the environmental crisis.

Chelsea is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and awareness from the beautiful island of Jamaica. She is 18 years old and hopes to pursue a career in environmental science or environmental policy.

Sarah first joined cleanup our act because an opportunity for youth to take environmental action is exactly what our country needs and she loves being a part of it. She is currently studying environmental science and she loves writing and reading poetry.

Before attending this event, my experience implementing campaigns for change includes:
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Blue waters of Jamaica

Join the summit to address biodiversity loss in Discovery Bay. We’ll also be talking about overfishing and solid waste issues in Discovery Bay.

About Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is a town in the St. Ann Parish on the northern coast of Jamaica. It was previously known as Dry Harbour (which gives its name to the dry harbour mountains in St. Ann) but was renamed to Discovery Bay to refer to the town’s history as it is believed that this is the spot where Christopher Columbus first set food on Jamaican soil. Discovery Bay is part of the Caribbean sea which is the sea of our region (the Caribbean), it covers about 1,063,000 sq mi (2,753,000 sq km) and washes the northern coast of South America, Eastern Central America and Eastern Mexico. It reaches its greatest known depth about 25, 216 ft (7,686 m) in the Cayman Trench which is between Cuba and Jamaica.

About Planeteer Alliance Blue Climate Action Summit Series

Blue Climate Summit logo + NALYS logo

Oceans and freshwater lakes play a crucial role in slowing and reversing the effects of climate change. As part of our work in accelerating known climate solutions, the Planeteer Alliance is excited to be supporting the Blue Climate Action Summit Series to support Planeteers around the world in taking Blue Climate Action — work to protect and restore our oceans and lakes to help their communities and our planet.

The Blue Climate Action Summit Series is being built in collaboration with the NALYS organizers based on the principles they have identified for authentically engaging young people in communities around the world:

  • Uplifting young people’s voices and ideas
  • Empowering young people to connect with, protect, preserve and restore their water systems. 
  • The importance of story and culture in creating connections
  • The importance of indigenous wisdom in restoring our waterways
  • The interconnectedness of problems facing our planet and the intersectional approach needed to solve them. 

Planeteer Alliance is a program of the Captain Planet Foundation, a US-based NGO with the mission of engaging and empowering young people to be problem solvers for the planet.