Sanna: The Beginning of A New World

Sanna is a 20-year-old Planeteer and Tide Turner living in The Gambia, and committed to addressing plastic pollution and accelerating reforestation in his community. He developed an interest in plastic pollution and reforestation out of a desire to foster better living conditions for all beings.

Sanna is also a Tide Turner and Scout leader and has been largely working with his Scout Troop to support these environmental efforts. As a Scout leader, he leads his fellow Scouts to combat plastic pollution in their community through education and emphasizing collaboration.

In 2021, he participated in the Tide Turners Bootcamp, which invited young environmental advocates to connect with experts and peers about designing and running effective campaigns to create positive change for the planet.

Sanna embarked on his Hero Level Campaign, which aimed to spread awareness on littering and provide accessible solutions for communities. What initially began through a plastic audit through his village became a widespread effort investigating the effects of pollution throughout Gunjur and the Gambia. Following the Bootcamp, his campaign proposal submission earned him a grant from the Captain Planet Foundation, supported by the UNEP Tide Turners programme.

In 2022, in recognition for success on his Hero Level Campaign, Sanna was invited to join the Captain Planet Foundation’s Wisdom Council – a group of young environmental leaders committed to supporting a community of young environmental change makers world wide. As part of the Wisdom Council, he has contributed information on the needs of young people in his communities. In 2023, he led one of the 26 WIND Summits focused on plastic pollution, as well as an Earth Summit focused on reforestation in his community.

Over the next 10 years, Sanna hopes to continue teaching and inspiring young people. He believes that information is power and that by educating individuals, they can become independent thinkers and liberators, capable of making a positive impact on the environment. His advice to young environmental advocates — focus on your goals even in the absence of financial gains.