Reflections on 2023 from a Young Indigenous Voice

By Ipato Kenta, member of the Planeteer Alliance

January 3, 2024

For 32 years, the Captain Planet Foundation has been working with young people across the world and training us to be problem-solvers of the planet. As an Indigenous Youth who is driving positive change in the community, being part of this foundation has been an enriching experience for me.

Just to mention a few, Captain Planet Foundation has given me an opportunity to be part of global conferences like COP28 and share with the world my contributions towards the environment. I have gained a lot of insights into different approaches and strategies that addresses about indigenous people that are greatly affected by climate change, yet they are the ones taking care of 81%of nature.

The commitment of Captain Planet Foundation to making efforts of driving change and empowering young people resonated strongly throughout the conferences of Africa Climate Summit,COP28 and Africa Youth Connekt. This experience has not only broadened my perspective but has equipped me with valuable knowledge to contribute meaningfully to our collective efforts towards a sustainable future.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Captain Planet Foundation for the great Support and for working tirelessly to ensure that we create not just a planet but a good and beautiful place for all of us.