Empowering Youth Voices in Climate Action: A Journey with Naphtali Akudung

January 05, 2024

Naphtali at the Blue Zone entrance at COP28


Meet Naphtali Akudung, a passionate advocate for climate action, recognized as a Planeteer Ambassador in both 2021 and 2022 by the Captain Planet Foundation. As the founder of Climrenew, a climate tech startup connecting businesses with green tech solutions, Naphtali has been at the forefront of driving positive change in the climate space. In recognition of his impactful work as a leader in the Planeteer Alliance community, he was awarded a leadership grant to represent Planeteer Alliance and Captain Planet Foundation at COP28 in Dubai. He represented Captain Planet Foundation where he gained valuable insights into the significance of youth engagement in the fight against climate change.

The Planeteer Ambassador Recognition:

Naphtali Akudung’s dedication to environmental causes led to his prestigious recognition as a Planeteer Ambassador by the Captain Planet Foundation. This acknowledgment, received in both 2021 and 2022, underscores his commitment to creating a sustainable future. Naphtali has been a two time host, training over 200+ Planeteers on strategies to reduce the impact of plastic waste pollution during the Blue Climate Summit and The Wind Summit. His efforts extend beyond accolades, as evidenced by his role as the founder of Climrenew.

Climrenew: Bridging Businesses and Green Tech Solutions:

Climrenew, Naphtali’s brainchild, serves as a pivotal player in the climate tech landscape. The startup acts as a conduit, connecting businesses with innovative green tech solutions. Through Climrenew, Naphtali aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices, fostering a collective responsibility for environmental stewardship.

Leadership Grant for COP28:

Naphtali’s impact extends globally, as demonstrated by his attendance at COP28 in Dubai from the 30th November to 12 December with over 80,000 delegate. Recognized for his outstanding contributions to the climate space, he was awarded a leadership grant, affording him the opportunity to participate in this significant international conference. This experience provided a platform to share insights, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and contribute to global discussions on climate change.

Youth Engagement: A Catalyst for Change:

COP28 served as a transformative experience for Naphtali, particularly in shedding light on the critical role of youth engagement. During the conference, he gained a profound understanding of how essential it is for youth voices to be heard in the fight against climate change. Empowering young leaders with the knowledge and tools to actively participate in climate discussions is pivotal for shaping effective and sustainable solutions.


Naphtali Akudung’s journey as a Planeteer Ambassador, founder of Climrenew, and active participant at COP28 exemplifies the impact one individual can have in the fight against climate change. Through his work, Naphtali not only connects businesses with green tech solutions but also advocates for the vital role of youth voices in driving meaningful change. As we look towards a sustainable future, Naphtali’s story serves as an inspiration for individuals and businesses alike to take proactive steps in addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

About Naphtali:

Naphtali Akudung is a social entrepreneur and a climate activist who works at the intersection of climate change and its impact on businesses and social development. He is a physicist by training and the founder of Climrenew, a social enterprise that consults on climate related issues while helping business and organisations meet their ESG goals. He is a Planeteer Ambassador for the Captain Planet Foundation, where he guides other young individuals in building sustainable impact models. In his role as an Innovator in Residence at Crowdsolve, Naphtali works with the product/innovation team in developing a curriculum to assist fellow climate tech entrepreneurs towards building cleantech enterprises.

Naphtali has received grants from various organizations, including the Captain Planet Foundation, Sathi Fund, and 1000 gretas, in recognition of his work in the climate space. He is an alumnus of the Watson Institute, FATE Foundation, NSP Fellowship, Coleap, YALI Fellowship, and a Sathi Fellow. Naphtali currently serves as a member of the Civil Society Youth Representative Steering Committee, United Nations Department of Global Communications.