BRAZIL, Ceara | Using Wind as a Way to a Better World

Guaramiranga, Brazil


Saturday 29 July

Location: Guaramiranga Camping – Ceara Brasil

Times: 1400-1700

Format: In-Person

Cost: FREE

We will have a TALK about the power of the WIND as a clean energy and also about the problem of single use plastic and how we can turn the tide. This talk will be presented by Mr. Jose Maria Cavalcante Filho. After this talk, we will develop a project with the participants to create using disposal material some instruments (barometer, windsock, anemometer, pluviometer) that help us understand the power, direction of the WIND. We will finalize the development of the projects asking the participants to fulfill the PLEDGE to stop using single plastic and becoming Plastic Tide Turners. To close the summit, we will visit the Airplane Museum to show the wind forces on an airplane.

Jose Maria Cavalcante Filho: José Maria Cavalcante is an Electric and electronic Engineer, Works on Energy Business on the last 20 years, acting in Brazil and Africa, with Engines, Turbines, Wind turbines and photovoltaic plants. Project Manager by PMI, with projects on Energy Business, NGOs etc. Acting on the Scout Movement for the last 38 years, working on Brazil and overseas, with youths from 7 through 26 years old. Environment is a permanent passion and, nowadays, a concern in all places, professional and personal, where he interacts. Reduce the use of plastics is a commitment of the 5th Air Scout Group Pinto Martins, from Fortaleza, Brazil, being worked in many of its Permanent Campaigns, supporting the youths to conquer the badges of the environmental Program of the Scout Movement, as PLASTIC TIDE TURNER BADGE

Jose Maria Cavalcante Filho: José Maria Cavalcante é engenheiro eletricista, trabalha no ramo de energia há 20 anos, tendo atuado no Brasil e na África, com Motores, turbinas, aerogeradores e plantas fotovoltaicas. Gerente de Projetos pelo PMI, com projetos nas áreas de energia, terceiro setor e outros. Participa do Movimento Escoteiro há 38 anos, tendo atuado no Brasil e no exterior, com jovens de 7 a 26 anos. Meio ambiente sempre foi uma paixão e, hoje em dia, é uma preocupação em todos os ambientes, profissionais e pessoais, em que atua. Reduzir os plásticos é um compromisso do 5º Grupo Escoteiro do Ar Pinto Martins, de Fortaleza, Brasil, sendo trabalhado em vários de suas Campanhas Permanentes, contribuindo para que os jovens conquistem as insígnias do Programa de Meio ambiente do Movimento Escoteiro, como a INSÍGNIA REDUZIR, RECICLAR, REUTILIZAR.

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About this Summit Location

It is important to highlight that the state of Ceará has great potential for wind energy generation due to its favorable geographical location, with constant and strong winds. The region is known for housing several wind farms that harness this natural resource. By investing in wind energy, Guaramiranga and Ceará can reap similar benefits as mentioned before. The state can become a reference in renewable energy development, boosting the local economy, creating jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainability. The use of wind as a renewable energy source not only brings environmental benefits but can also help diversify the state’s energy mix, reducing dependence on non-renewable sources such as oil and coal. This contributes to energy security and price stability. In summary, Guaramiranga, located in Ceará, can harness the potential of the strong winds in the region to drive the development of wind energy. By doing so, the city and the state can achieve economic, social, and environmental benefits, contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

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