Project Save the Lagoon

Lagos, Nigeria

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The Lagos Lagoon needs our help.

Fri 29 July

Location: University of Lagos*
Times: 9am – 5pm
Format: In-person & Virtual
Cost: FREE

Save the Lagoon Youth Summit will bring together young people from across Lagos, Nigeria to explore the importance of the Lagos Lagoon for our community and environment, and develop action plans for how we can play a role in saving it. Join us!

*The event will take place at the Procurement Center, opposite Faculty of Social Sciences

Summit Hosts

Oluwaseyi Moejoh
Naphtali Akudung
Jacob Abaare
Taiwo Adebiyi

Post-Event Survey

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Having participated in this Blue Climate Action Summit,
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About Lagos Lagoon

canoeing on Lagos Lagoon

Lagos lagoon is the largest of four lagoon systems off the Gulf of Guinea. Several rivers and waterways empty into it, and it plays an important role in the West African coastal ecosystem as well as the Nigerian economy. The lagoon is a major fishery, providing food and income for surrounding communities and beyond. Unfortunately, the lagoon receives enormous amounts of largely untreated industrial and other wastes. The Lagos Lagoon needs our help.