Global Virtual Blue Climate Action Summit

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Our water and climate need our help

Attend one (1) session for Part 1 and Part 2. Choose the sessions that work best for your schedule. Click the session time above to view the event time and date in your city.

Part 1

Friday 29 July @ 1400-1800 UTC


Saturday 30 July @ 0400-0800 UTC

Part 2

Saturday 30 July @ 1400-1600 UTC


Sunday 31 July @ 0400 – 0600 UTC

Format: Virtual

Cost: FREE

Ready to take action for our ocean and climate, but can’t join an in-person Blue Climate Action Summit happening in one of ten locations around the world? Join the Global Virtual Blue Climate Action Summit to explore the relationship between healthy marine and freshwater systems and a climate positive future. Meet and collaborate with other Planeteers around the world to develop your Blue Climate Action Plan to get to work! This free event will take place over the last weekend of July in two rounds to meet all global time zones.



Friday 29 July @ 1400-1800 UTC & Saturday 30 July @ 0400-0800 UTC (choose one)

Welcome & Keynote (Dyson Chee, Bhodi Patil, and friends)


Blue Climate: The role of our ocean in a blue climate (Esther Maina; Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network)

Blue Climate: The role of lake ecology in a blue climate (Candace Schermerhorn, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Power of Story & History in Connecting with our Water (Hermina Glass-Hill; Oceana)

Challenges to Blue Climate Globally:

Challenge #1 – Deep Seabed Mining (Vasser Seydel; Oxygen Project)

Challenge #2 – Plastic (Jane Patton; Center for International Environmental Law)

Challenge #3 – Mangrove Destruction (Cassie MacDowell; Mangrove Education Project)

Group Breakouts: What challenge do YOU want to tackle?

Part II

Saturday 30 July @ 1400-1600 UTC & Sunday 31 July @ 0400 – 0600 UTC (choose one)

Strategies for Systems-Level Change

Blue Climate Project Overviews

Group Breakouts: Brainstorm Blue Climate Action Projects

Working Sessions: In teams, develop initial action plans

Conclusion & Next Steps

Check Points

Blue planet earth from space

About Blue Climate Action

71% of the surface of the surface of the Earth is covered in water. An enormous amount of the world’s carbon is stored or sequestered in the planet’s oceans and freshwater lakes. In our quest for a climate positive future, ensuring the health and stability of our oceans and lakes — blue climate action — is critical. This youth summit will bring together young people from around the world ready to take action for our ocean, our lakes, and our climate.

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Planeteer Alliance
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About Planeteer Alliance Blue Climate Action Summit Series

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Oceans and freshwater lakes play a crucial role in slowing and reversing the effects of climate change. As part of our work in accelerating known climate solutions, the Planeteer Alliance is excited to be supporting the Blue Climate Action Summit Series to support Planeteers around the world in taking Blue Climate Action — work to protect and restore our oceans and lakes to help their communities and our planet.

The Blue Climate Action Summit Series is being built in collaboration with the NALYS organizers based on the principles they have identified for authentically engaging young people in communities around the world:

  • Uplifting young people’s voices and ideas
  • Empowering young people to connect with, protect, preserve and restore their water systems. 
  • The importance of story and culture in creating connections
  • The importance of indigenous wisdom in restoring our waterways
  • The interconnectedness of problems facing our planet and the intersectional approach needed to solve them. 

Planeteer Alliance is a program of the Captain Planet Foundation, a US-based NGO with the mission of engaging and empowering young people to be problem solvers for the planet.