BreatheBlue Youth Summit

New Delhi, India

The Yamuna River and our global climate need our help.

Saturday 30 July, 2022

Location: Tagore International School
Times: 10:00-17:30 IST
Format: In-Person
Cost: FREE

BreatheBlue Youth Summit is a part of a series of youth-led, in-person summits to explore and discuss the importance of healthy marine and freshwater ecosystems for a climate-friendly future, or the Blue Climate Action Summit Series. The summit would focus on Yamuna as the waterbody while also recognizing and honour the history and culture of the country. Speakers and presenters, in context to India have been invited to give insights on Climate Action. The goal is to celebrate ideas and passion of young people in the country who wish to uncover environmental challenges that one comes across every dawn.

Summit Hosts

Lakshika Khurana

Buoyant by nature, Lakshika is a being of faith. Usually seen running around with bundles of papers twice her size, she is always up for an adventure. Sanguine and poised by nature, she knows how to put the pieces together just in time. With a head of brimming ideas, she is known for her creativity at her disposal. With an intricate work ethic, she advocates for various issues including, but not limited to; women and child rights, animal rights, environment, mental health, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for different bifurcations.

BreatheBlue Youth Summit Team, pictured left to right

Top Row: Kalyani Jagadale, Dhruv Khanna, Baneet Pukhrambam, Samarth Rungta

Bottom Row: Rahul Anand, Lakshika Khurana, Sunidhi Rathore

Sunidhi Rathore

‘Carpe Diem’ runs in her blood, Sunidhi is a free spirited human with buzzing ideas in her head. Her actions are fueled by the ambitions that resides in her heart. Often walking with a pen and a diary in hand, and a camera in the bag, she tells stories through her artistic pursuits. Her fight for social issues that impact the majority is eternal, she cares for not only the people here but the planet itself.


Post-Summit Survey

About the Yamuna River

BreatheBlue Youth Summit is focused on the deteriorating condition of the Yamuna in the heart of the country, New Delhi. The national capital is home to many beautiful inland lakes, and the second largest tributary of the Ganges, and is yet in a very questionable condition situated right under an expressway. With history effervescing from its creeks, the Yamuna is of paramount importance for the future of the country.