Lagos Planeteer Plastic Policy Training

In building on the successful WIND Summit, Captain Planet Foundation with UNEP Tide Turners programme invited demonstrated leaders of Planeteer Alliance Solomon Ekundayo and Toluwalase Abiona to address plastic pollution using policy as a strategy. This collaboration led to the inception of the Planeteer Alliance Lagos Plastic Policy, a special training program held in Lagos, Nigeria, with a unique focus on the UN Global Plastic Treaty.

For the first time in Nigeria, the Captain Planet Foundation engaged its staff members in this transformative policy training. Facilitated by Leesa Carter Jones (CEO, Captain Planet Foundation), Robin Okunowo (Programs Manager, Captain Planet Foundation), Solomon Ekundayo, and Abiona Toluwalase, the training delved into diverse aspects, including plastic stories, systems-level change, policy change strategies, stakeholders and power mapping. The highlight was an engaging stunt designed to influence global leaders and decision-makers at INC-3 Negotiations.

Meeting and collaborating with Leesa and Robin proved to be an incredible experience, as their expertise and dedication streamlined the preparations and execution of the training. The estimated 60 participants, too, expressed their gratitude, emphasizing the program’s transformative impact. 

This exposure to policy intricacies empowered us to advocate for change, encouraging community involvement in decision-making processes and fostering a deeper understanding of policy dynamics. The feedback from participants attests to the program’s insightfulness, foreseeing the development of a community of advocates and policymakers dedicated to a sustainable environment.